Bunk Bed: Poem Analysis

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“BOOM” is the only thing you hear throughout the whole house. I had collided with the ground from the top bunk of my bed. Realizing what happened had me screaming.

“ARE YOU OKAY” Is all I hear being screamed toward me after I fell off the top of the bunk bed. After I realized what had happened to me I started screaming “IT’S BROKEN.” After I had interpreted that fact I just couldn’t get over what had happened to my arm. We had gone to the hospital as fast as we could, they took x-rays of my arm. They had told My Mom and I that I had broken my Ulna, and my Radius (those and bones in the forearm.) They put me in some room and waited.

They had told me that they were putting me on anesthesia. The Doctor told me to count down from One-Hundred.
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