Bunker Hill Saratoga And Yorktown

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Bunker Hill, Saratoga and Yorktown. The battles that occurred here changed the course of American History forever. Until the Battle of Bunker Hill, the British did not have any idea about the strength of the American Army. After Bunker Hill though, both sides got an idea about the strengths and weaknesses possessed by the other side. Saratoga is often declared “the Turning Point of the American Revolution.” After Saratoga foreign countries first realized that America could defeat a European army. As a direct consequence, foreign aid was given to the Patriots. The Battle of Yorktown sealed the fate of British rule in America. Yorktown was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War and it resulted in the Treaty of Paris. The treaty marked…show more content…
The plan called for three different groups of British soldiers to surround the Americans at Saratoga. Burgoyne’s group of 5,000 men marched from Canada and prepared to meet the Americans down the Hudson River. Barry St. Ledger’s men had to go up the St. Lawrence River and come back down through Mohawk Valley to reach Saratoga. A third group were to arrive from New York City. From London, Burgoyne was instructed to press onto Albany. By September 12, 1777, the American army had captured an important position along the Hudson River. John Burgoyne recaptured Fort Ticonderoga on September and encountered the American forces on September 18, 1777, when a colonist searching for food opened fire on the British. The following day, the First Battle of Saratoga, or the Battle of Freedman’s Farm, was about to…show more content…
In 1780, the American side got a major boost from the French as Comte de Rochambeau arrived with 5,500 troops in Newport, Rhode Island. During the time of Rochambeau’s arrival, Sir Henry Clinton attempted to capture New York City while General Charles Cornwallis was in the southern colonies. Washington and his men were stationed along the Hudson River. In the summer of 1781, Washington and Rochambeau met to plan an attack on Henry Clinton. Washington wanted to coordinate the attack with the French fleet that was to arrive in New York City. Washington and Rochambeau along with their troops were in New York City expecting the fleet’s arrival, but as a result of miscommunication, the fleet went to the Chesapeake Bay.
As a result of the misunderstanding, Washington changed his plan. His new plan was to trick Clinton into thinking that Washington was going to attack him, when in reality, he was plotting to capture Cornwallis. By mid - August, Rochambeau, Washington and some troops set out for Yorktown as Cornwallis was stationed there under the orders of Clinton. They arrived in Williamsburg in mid -
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