Bunny Man Research Paper

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Thoughts surrounding the Bunny Man are interesting and controversial. Conventional wisdom dictates that after the removal of the residents in Clifton, Virginia’s prison asylum; some died and others had escaped after a crash during the transport to the new facility. All were captured except for one, however, there is evidence to support that, Douglas A Grifton, a man locked for murdering his own family on Easter Sunday. There soon came reports of half eaten rabbits. Not only did the police find the half eaten rabbits they soon discovered a man murdered and hanging from a tree in the same appearance as they found the rabbits. The police soon realized Douglas had committed the murder. He was soon confronted and chased by the police, on attempt to escape Douglas was hit by an oncoming train and died. Many people still believe that his spirit comes back on Halloween night. It is simple to discuss the legend of the Bunny Man as imaginative fiction, but evidence leads us to believe Douglas had killed many people and left them dangling from branches by the Colchester overpass near the bridge. I believe that Douglas Grifton had committed the brutal 1970s murders and I still believe his spirit still lingers by the over pass, and will use research to support the legend of the Bunny Man. The origin of…show more content…
Conley a historian archivist in Fairfax, County. Brian did an article on the bunny man and showed great knowledge of the murders and how they all related back to the bunny man. The bunny man being known as an urban legend has evidence to support that the bunny man could have been a real live occurrence. Many police reports were done throughout time of the bunny man. Brian added up all the reports to see how many related to the man in the bunny suit. Television broadcast, newspapers were all done on the bunny
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