Bunyips Analysis

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THE BUNYIP'S BATH Illustration 1. Now we know you've heard stories of bunyips that live in the Australian bush. Oh you haven't! Well, they are usually grizzly and mean with dirt between their toes and mold on their teeth. But did you know that Bunyips each have a place that they call their own. Just like a bird they make a nest with the things they can find, like branches and twigs, mud and leaves. But the very first Bunyips lived a long long time ago and they were giants and twigs were just too small for making their nests. Illustration 2. In a place most likely a long long way from where you live, two giant Bunyips came to on a night when the skies were filled with glowing lights. They came to make a nest for their new Bunyip baby. They…show more content…
Brushtail possum agreed, " its upsetting everybody, but what can we do?" Echidna spoke but couldn’t be heard until the skink ran up paddy melons leg and whispered in his ear that echidna had an idea. They all turned to hear echidnas plan. After the plan was told all the animals and birds quickly began preparing for the Bunyip's bath. Illustration 6. It was a wonderful plan, but it meant that the cockatoo must fly quickly to get help from another creature that had lived long long ago. Echidna had remembered stories he was told as a puggle, about giant flying creatures and their love of riches. Some would call them dinosaurs, others say they were all mixed up with snake and bat while others would call them dragons. But either way cockatoo was sent to find one. Illustration 7. In the bush the animals and birds gathered together surrounding the flying creature that cockatoo had bought with him. The truth be told he was not the biggest flying dragon of which the stories had told of, in fact he may have been the smallest dragon but he was the only one in all the skies of Tasmania to be found. Illustration
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