Burden Of Dog Parks Essay

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There is much discussion on the topic of dog parks. To begin with, dog parks are benefical for not only dogs themselves, but for the community as a whole. Allowing dogs to get perhaps daily - or even weekly exercise can drastically improve a dogs health, along with aiding in behavioral issues. Some might say a dog park is a burden, perhaps too much money - but dog poop in your yard from a dog that 's not your own, can be a burden as well.

Starting off, keeping a dog, or any animal cooped up for long periods of time will indeed have an affect on their health. This is when a dog park comes in handy, saying one doesn 't have a wide yard with a fence, or even no yard at all. Permitting a dog park will undoubtedly release pent-up aggression and cooped up energy, which one does not want to come home to a chewed up couch, or even a shoe. At least a dog park will allow potty time in the proper area, and not a strangers front yard or garden - or the owners house. Nobody likes to step in feces, especially dog feces. As for those who say: "It would be a burden for taxpayers and a
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Furthermore, a dogs attitude. Take into example, a child sits in a classroom for 8 hours. When the time comes for this child to be released from school, are they going to potentially be as well behaved as they could be after sitting in a classroom for hours? No, not in the slightest. To control urges of misbehavior, dogs; like children, need some play time. This can improve a dogs mood, making him happier, instead of sitting in a small amount of space for an eternity - loosing his mind!

To sum everything up, dogs parks aren 't only beneficial for dogs, but for dog owners and strangers yards! That 's something to appreciate. Along with the fact that outside time, and play time can improve a dogs mentality and mood. For those who do not understand the benefits, money shoudn 't come before the mental health of any type of animal. Health and bhavior is very important - even vital, to anyones ' day

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