Burdens In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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The Things They Carried Essay The burdens people carry everyday can be different because people have their own battles they have to deal with. Some people deal with physical burdens while others deal with emotional burdens. Most people probably prefer to deal with their burdens privately because they feel more comfortable that way. There could be different burdens people deal with like guilt, grief, and death loss. Some people have to deal with these types of burdens in their everyday life. To begin with, a burden that people deal with daily is guilt. There are different types of reasons a person can feel guilty. Some reasons that a person can feel guilty is for maybe letting a person down, if someone dies they would probably blame themselves just out of guilt or maybe they would just feel guilty for some acts that they committed. In one of the chapters in the …show more content…

Grief is mainly what people deal with after the death of a loved one. Some people tend to stay in the grief stage for a really long time and it can affect their daily life in negative ways because maybe they don’t have the energy to do activities or other stuff with ones that are still alive since they prefer to be alone. In the “Things They Carried”, O’Brien shows grief because he has to deal with the loss and death of the man he killed. Furthermore, death loss can be one of the worst burdens people have to deal with in their everyday lives. When people have to deal with death loss they can form bad habits out of it like not keeping good hygiene or they could stop doing activities they once enjoyed. The death loss stage could even be worse especially if it’s a really close loved one that died. In the “Things They Carried”, O’Brien had to deal with death loss even though it was a completely random person he still had to deal with death loss because it just stayed on his conscience for killing a man he didn’t consider an

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