Burdens In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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Teenagers now have arguably experienced more than any other generation. Teens today are walking, unwritten books. Each teen writing their own stores filled with there memories and the thing they are burdened with everyday. In the book “The Things they Carried” by Tim O'Brien a recurring theme were the items they carried. Tim went into explicit detail about what the soldiers carried from both physical equipment to the memories they held on to. As a student I know that many teenage students carry large burdens as well. Most teenage students carry with them mental burdens some of which include: doubt, guilt, insecurities, and depression. Some students shoulder memories, good or bad, pride, happiness, and love. What a teenager carries depends …show more content…

Teenagers don't carry these things for the mere pleasure of it, they carry these items, memories and feelings because the memories mean something to them. It might make them happy to remember a certain memory which could make them happy. Teenagers carry phones and money and identification because it's a necessity. Teenagers carry a sense of pride with them wherever they go. The amount of burdens that teens carry is seemingly endless. Teenagers carry insecurities, the people they are around can affect their image of themselves. Teenagers carry guilt or regret from something they shouldn't have done. Teenagers carry the stress and depression from things going on in their life like something at home, school or in extracurricular events. These things teens carry are like a giant weights overburdening them. Teenagers carry mental or emotional baggage from experiences that hurt them, always. Some teens lose loved ones at a early age, and it's hard for these individuals to cope with it. There are many different reasons to carry the personal things each teen carries, and I have only listed a few …show more content…

The acceptance that comes with wearing name brand clothing is something that weighs on the minds of teenagers and although others try to tell them they don't need it their friends say they do. One item that has become a necessity for most teens is their phones and specifically any social media. This is important to the carrier because it connects them to the world. Teenagers have everything they want at the tap of a screen. Society today has made social media a norm and if the individual is not connected, they don't fit in. A very important part of what creates the carrier is what they have been through. Teenagers carry memories. Whether those said memories are happy or sad, the memories are what form the carrier as an individual. That's why the memories are so important. Teenagers try to fit in. Sometimes they try so hard to fit in that it changes that individual’s personality, likes, interest, and individuality. To be oneself is essential because your individuality makes that teen unique. Uniqueness, the most important thing a teen carries. Another significant thing a teen should carry is a sense of self appreciation and self want. A teen needs to not only think they are wanted but they need to appreciate their own self. This is essential because it can improve their thinking. It also makes the individual feel wanted not only by himself but by others. While being oneself and being

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