Bureaucracy Case Study

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Nowadays, globalisation is sustainable happening around the world. Globalisation means that the tendency of the operation, investment fund, developments and business shift beyond national and domestic markets in the other market around the globe. According to Munck (2013), the legally or illegally immigrations around the world will generate is because of the happening of globalisation. Survey researchers have done a survey in 2012 shows that there are around 640 million adults wish to have a chance to migrate to the foreign country (Gallup, 2012). Nevertheless, several researches are saying that the position of the local residents will be threatened by the immigrant from few aspects (Chang, 2000). In this essay, we will discuss about whether…show more content…
Besides that, bureaucracy will cause immigrants bully by their employers also. According to Max Weber, he said that bureaucracy is a managing system that manages life in social organizations such as rules and regulations, which are intentional to shorten the operating of difficult hierarchy. Hierarchy is means that every employee has an up-line, and who is a highest line can control the lowest line employees. Thus, there will be occurs many problems for immigrants when they are in the lowest line and make them in difficulty. For example, the up-line manager may restrict the immigrants by not allowing them to do something or create difficult task for them. One of the cases occurs in Toronto, Canada is saying about an immigrant’s officer using the power of deportation to threaten an immigrant woman from the Philippines and force her for sexual favor. Therefore, we can clearly know that employees are like helpless victim. Besides that, in the Mama 's case study, they did not apply any rules and regulation so there are no bureaucracy power contain. As example, their worker are permitted to have their own phone, able to watch movie while rest time. If bureaucratic have apply to worker, they will feel unhappy because they lose their minimum freedom and repeating same jobs every day so they will get bored and feel lack of efficiency and creativity while working (Kim, 2009). Due to the bureaucracy issues, employers sometimes need to give the immigrants some freedom in order…show more content…
Furthermore, Mcdonalization also is related with the issues of immigrants. According to George Ritzer, mcdonalization is the process of rationalization. It means that every task can be rationalized and change it become simple. So, company which are using mcdonalization is suitable for the immigrants. This is because company that are practicing this concept does not require high skilled employees and they tried to make the entire task as easier as possible to their employees. Then, they can pay the low wages to their workers and easily find a person to replace when they are resigned or take a sick leave, and this situation is named as deskilling. Thus, Mcdonalized companies sometimes are suitable for immigrants who have low skilled to work. It fulfils with what the low skilled immigrants want and they just go others country for looking a job. Based on Frederick Winslow Taylor (2007), Taylorism also is a concept that similar with Mcdonalization which are efficient production, expectable, exchangeable and low wages. He tried to change the task to be simple, so the employees no skill needed to do the task and it fulfill with what immigrants want (Taylor, 2001). As the concept above, we can know that come immigrants just go other country for looking for a job. However, some employer and tried many ways to cut down
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