Bureaucracy: Government Intirity And Corruption Of The Government?

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4.1 Analysis Bureaucrats: While conducting this research, the researcher interviewed some renowned retired bureaucrats on the issue in hand. They expressed their views that bureaucracy is a political entity. According to them, long time before, it was considered that low rank Government servants/officers were involved in do corruption but in the current scenario, trend had changed now. Seniors officers are also caught up with corruption and corrupt practices. Their level of integrity and honesty is questionable. One of the senior officer told that bureaucrats shows path on road and guard the speed breaker of laws but now they remove those speed breakers their selves and move car of corruption so fast without following the rule of low which is so alarming .Some officers suggested that if some incentives are given to the government servants, level of corruption can be will reduced. Poor public delivery causes in delaying the work i.e. pension, CNIC, Tax and other department where people moving rounds their offices just to have some trivial complains, but nobody hears them. Political pressure and interference in Civil Services also a big phenomenon which cause the bad governance and poor service delivery in our system. Selection process to induct the government servants is not reliable. People who come through transparent process can play positive role in better service delivery instead of those who inducted by unfair/illegal way and have strong politician back. No one can

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