Bureaucracy In Society

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Throwing the word government out in a conversation can often cause anxiety among fellow peers, as with the word politician. Often a person’s response may be, “let’s not get into that right now.” Consequently, some would call that a knee jerk reaction. Fortunately, there’s no time like the present to dive right in and begin to unpack this thinking concerning the overall impact of government in our society, in addition to the level of importance bureaucracy has within it. Today’s political climate seems to be an all-out war. Resulting the casting of stones, one way or another and the media has more to share than their mouths can blurt out. This current environment defines the importance of government in our society. The first notion of government…show more content…
However, it’s almost in a stark transparency to the history of the ruling of a group of peoples. To follow that assertion, in the current day it is clear an individual must volunteer of their own volition to enter the Social Contract Theory. The theory at which tests the purpose of government. To allow individuals a freedom of their will to exercise intents within the sphere of other-oriented bounds. Simply put Americans can interact within the world how they choose with the limiting factors provided by the government to not infringe on the freedom of another. Bureaucracy has encouraged this development as well. Big Bureaucracy affords a diverse wide range of representation in elected officials, staffers, and policies. While it may always be conducive to the most efficient solutions it does focus on three primary functions for society. Public Administration in bureaucracy covers the need identification of society. This is a crucial first step in governments serving its people. Secondly, being the creation of ideas, development of options, and formulation of plans; that eventually lead to the final implementation of policies to assist the…show more content…
However, systems of operations that successfully carry out their intent to continue to operate. As to say the government serves the people and it will continue to do so. It may not be the best or most efficient, but it does work. It is also a growth engine that has led us to the Big Democracy and Big Bureaucracy the world experiences today. Society has continued in its growth too as a whole thus, making the government a reflection of that. I think this is the primary force of an argument stating the government is born by the people for the people; which could be viewed as the ultimate servant of society in all manners of associations of people. In conclusion, the role of government in society is to fulfill the needs of its people. The people themselves are responsible for the creation, cultivation, and growth of the government. Thus, revealing the primary role to serve those who comprise the organization; be it regulation of policies, regulation of businesses, environmental protection, security, and prosperity of its constituencies. There is an abundant amount of services the government provides for the betterment of society in which it is

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