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Corruption and unethical values as remained issues that modern government and state are confronted in this 21st century. Even with all relevant laws tend to shape and direct the act and operations of government official a great number of them, exhibit unsatisfactory conduct in the discharge of duties. This paper examine how the proper use and implementation of public service rules are reputations could save the operations of government from the cog of corruption and ensuring ethical values. The papers brought to lime light the bureaucratic ideal characteristics’ as well argued for creating ethical awareness in the public services. In conclusion, suggestions are drawn for the purple of simplifying the challenges.
Very imperative
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Knowledge of entity requisites
2. Selection based on competition and examinations
3. Adoption of principle of equal job
4. Maintenance of rank on the job
5. Political independence of the officials
6. Incentive for prompt performance
7. Security of tenure e.g. pension and gratuity
Also Weber characteristic of bureaucracy include;
a. Uniformity
b. Continuity
c. Hierarchical structure
d. Competence
It is also important for the purpose of clarity to mention here, that the elements of bureaucracy include the following;
i. Hierarchy of authority ii. The framework regulation of law – rule iii. Technical specialization iv. Search for rationality
v. Written records/ documentation vi. Value system (Weber, 1918, Taylor, 1917).
Obiajulu and obi (2004) provides the functions of bureaucracy to include;
1. Implementing policies
2. Framing legislature
3. Influencing legislature
4. Ensuring survival and growth
5. Environmental function (balancing of public and private interest, balancing professional and ethical considerations, carrying routine work for government)
6. Economic planning and management
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The official leans heavily towards its precedent adherence
II. Leans toward the inflexibility in his/her actions against the rules
III. He/she depend on legal interpretation of the rules and financial assistance
IV. There is street conformity to established rules, procedures and legal regulation.
However as expected the public service rules and regulation in the focal platform framework of law to regulate employee’s behavioral patterns in government establishments. As a matter of fact, this will help to coordinate and remove excessive activities in government office and ensure prompt uniformly, and ethnical driven actions of government employee’s.

Mato and Mutiullah (2014) the meaning of ethics is contested while some authors define it in terms of what it is not referring to matters such as misconduct, corruption, fraud and other types of illegal behaviour, others refers to notions of integrity, honesty, personas values and professional

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