Bureaucracy In Max Weber's Francis Fashion Shoe Locker

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Bureaucracy is a type of organisational structure which can be found in many prominent organisations. To date bureaucracies are still found to be very useful in both the public and private sectors, despite being birthed in the eighteenth century. The main aim of a Bureaucracy is to be efficient, professional and rational through a well delineate hierarchical layer of authority, standard salaries and enrolment by competence, etc. German sociologist, Max Weber, is the most imperative and profound theorists who has contributed to Bureaucracy. According to Weber, the tasks of an organisation are designated as official duties amongst various posts.

Francis Fashion Shoe Locker is a well established company in Trinidad and Tobago, with over thirty branches nationwide. They specialise in men, women and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories for every occasion. In ample companies like these, the combined organisational structure of procedures, protocols and regulations are commonly placed to manage activities. This is executed through an apparent hierarchy among departments. Authority and status are strategically and distinctively distributed among actors within the organisation. Thus, creating a clear line of
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In Francis Fashion Shoe Locker, there are layers of management cascading from senior executives to regional managers and departmental managers, all the way down to shift supervisors who work alongside front-line employees. Therefore authority is centred at the top and information generally flows through the status chain. For example, a senior employee of Francis Fashion Shoe Locker may implement a new policy stating that each employee is now mandated to have their bank days approved before actually taking the day off. This new policy will be handed over from the desk of the senior executive, all the way down the status chain to front-line

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