Burger King Advertisement Analysis

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1. Introduction

All modes of mass communication give space to advertisement. It is a very profitable and lucrative business which created the “battlefield” for all corporations. The importance of images in mass communication has changed over the years. Thus, visual communication became the key interest for linguists over the past years due to the fact that advertisers often use the combination of texts and images to convey a particular meaning and to promote ideology and culture.
Norris (2004) mentioned that the most informative content is reflected through our use of language, but images may carry even more. Language can sometimes be subordinated or even absent. To analyse the meaning of an advertisement, a linguist has to take into consideration the fact that all advertisements often combine several communicative modes. It is impossible to study one mode independently of others, because modes often work together to convey a particular meaning.
This essay will include the analysis of the Burger King advertisement that portrays their competition in print advertising with their competitors – McDonalds. I used the analysis presented by Kress and Theo van Leeuwen. Namely, I detected interpersonal, ideational and textual function of the advertisement and explained how different modes that are combined together reflect a particular meaning.
Nevertheless, to understand the meaning and the message of this advertisement one has to know the context in which it is produced – the

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