Burger King Case Study

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Like many fast food chains Burger King also had issues related to animal welfare, Labor, nutrition and other legal disputes. But in this topic, the issue that is focused on is Nutrition. In the beginning of the 80’s many associations have wrangled about the fact that burger king was producing unhealthy products that has big amounts of fat and salt which was part of the heftiness caused to many western nations.
(World Heritage Encyclopedia, n.d ) .In 1985 , Burger King signed an agreement with New York city public health commissioner’s office Over the dissemination of nutritional data to the public that follow and adhere to the federal government’s guidelines for the maximum intake of fat and sodium . In 2002, the company underwent further worldwide contempt and negative consideration due to the introduction of oversized products “XXL Line “that contained immense amount of detrimental fats. Burger king belonged to a group called the Spanish Federation of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs that objective was to avoid promoting large portions of food. And then later in 2006 when they introduced the XXL line in Spain, the Spanish health ministry claimed that they violated the agreement with the group and induced the head of the Spain 's food regulatory body to also state a legal case against Burger Kind for failing to follow the contract. In response to these assertions the company’s European offices announced a statement that says “In this campaign, we are simply promoting a line of
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