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Burger King Burger king is a fast food franchise that is focuses on the distribution hamburgers and has proven to be a troublesome competitor to Mcdonalds .Headquartered in Miami ,Florida Vision statement To be the most profitable QSR business ,through a strong franchise system and great people, serving the best burgers in the world Mission statement Offer reasonably priced quality food,served quickly,in attractive,clean surroundings After being inspired by the success of now rivals Mcdonalds Over how they established fast food franchises in California,co-founders J.Kramer and Matthew Burns established their first fast food store in Jacksonville Florida ,in 1953.This new store was called “Insta-burger-king”…show more content…
they offer a delivery service to support the sale of pizzas Price In order to achieve profit in the market Burger King would have devised a strategy which decreases costs of which Burger King has two pricing strategies : Market -oriented pricing strategy which involves the setting of prices to market conditions whilst competing with other competitors and keeping up with the supply and demand rates Bundle pricing strategy which allows consumers to buy large quantities of goods at bundle make it easily affordable for consumers instead of buying items separately Promotion To become successful in their field of work Burger King came up with a list of tactics to promote their…show more content…
Product Being Americas #2 chicken distributor in the the fast food market they offer tangible services as stated above the offer a delivery service to their customers whilst providing their consumers with a wide variety of products ranging from : Box meals Zinger wings Vegie zingers Coleslaw Krushers Price KFC have the same pricing strategy as Burger King with the bundling strategy which allows consumers to buy large quantities of food and pay for it as a whole instead of buying things separately .They also use market oriented pricing which is whereby they add complementary products like desserts or special sauces to the customers eal Place Kfc has an online service whereby consumers can access their goods via their website or via the franchises mobile app but KFC is similar to Burger as they also rely on their restaurants to supply/distribute goods to their customers .KFC restaurants were first built in tier 1 cities but have since moved to tier 2 cities due to the rapid growth in urbanization Promotions Kfc has promotional activities that offer add-ons ,give out gift coupons ,T-shirts ,Kids meals etc .KFC promotes their product through the means of billboards ,Tv adverts but mostly displays through LCD displays which are previewed only inside KFC

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