Burger King Case Study

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Burger King treats their employees as well as their customers with equal respect and care. Burger Kings customer satisfaction and focus ratio is way higher compared to other fast food restaurants and franchises. Outstanding food and unique dining experience with quick access and availability of the food made Burger King more reliable towards their customers and therefore being more centric towards their customers. Burger King is also very caring and committed towards their employees. They have put in different programmes and strategies to keep up to date and keep track with their employees’ performances. Best employee of the week, appraisal every month for appreciation of the work contributed by every employee is considered in Burger Kings Corporation. Overall a happy and dedicated employee will take care of the customers’ satisfaction.
The process for Burger King is their main operation operating in more than 71 countries worldwide today. It has been put together and designed by experts to operate internationally by Burger King. Burger King has successfully maintained their taste, work culture, customer satisfaction, supply chain and new product introductions in accordance to the respective country only because of the flow of process maintained by burger King. In the restaurant from the order received to the disposal of the residual of the food, all is maintained through the flow process. This process allows Burger King to operate more reliably in the food

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