Burger King Corporate Responsibility

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Burger king corporate responsibility
As a corporation, we define corporate responsibility as looking beyond a strong bottom line to consider the impact of everything we do. It 's about doing the right thing as a corporate citizen in today 's global marketplace while successfully meeting business goals and objectives.
To us, corporate responsibility isn’t about a final destination; it’s about an ongoing journey. We know our policies and procedures will evolve and change as the landscape in which we do business evolves and changes.
The better job we do at being responsible today, the better our business will be in the future. We know that from a pure business sense, it can help us manage risk, enhance employee morale and retention, strengthen brand loyalty, build goodwill in and strengthen the communities in which we operate and can directly affect the bottom line in terms of energy savings and waste reduction. We also know that it must be a way of thinking and fully embedded within our brand. That is why our approach is stakeholder-driven, focused on four key areas – Food, People, Environment and Corporate Governance.
Our commitment to food
For over 60 years, our restaurants have been serving high quality, great tasting and affordable food around the world. Our commitment to the food we serve is what defines us as a company and is at the center of our brand promise. Our brand promise empowers our guests to make educated choices in customizing their meals to fit their

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