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Written Task: Letter to Editor
12 English Language and Literature SL
By Madhu Srinivasan
Dear James Connor, I am currently regarding the placement of your Burger king advertisement in your newspaper. I have attached the picture towards the right for your reference. I personally believe that this advertisement is very racist and it degrades the view of African American in the eyes of the society. This advertisement contains no regards to the individuals in the image. Through my letter, I hope to inform you on how this advertisement is racist and affects the society’s view towards African Americans.
I am a current staff working in for the Dutch Magazine Company. I am the senior manager of the entire company and just recently came
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This advertisement contains cultural racism as it is evidently being culturally racist towards African Americans. African Americans have African ancestors and currently when the general population thinks of Africa, they associate the continent with hunger. This can also be associated with the advertisement. This could be interpreted as to why the advertisement shows usage of African Americans and this is due to the fact that they are associated with being poor and hungry. This is why the father is feeding the child before feeding himself. This form of advertisement doesn’t take the culture and the social values of the individuals in the picture into account. This advertisement shows the usage of an individual’s race to mainly promote their product.
Another form of racism is present in this advertisement which is known as internalized racism. Internalized racism when individuals generally associated with the racist comment behave a certain way due to the stereotypes present. This is clearly evident in the advertisement as the father is shown to be feeding his son before himself. The advertisement states America loves burger but only contains African American individuals to promote their
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I have kept up to your newspapers till now and have never noticed such a racist advertisement being portrayed. I would appreciate it if you could not follow on with the general American stereotypes and use such controversial advertisements. This is because they affect the society’s view towards African Americans and may further cause racism towards them either intentionally or unintentionally. To avoid such mishaps of racism from occurring and running the reputation of your newspaper, I think it would be better to choose advertisements that are more generalized and not very culturally specific towards a certain race of individuals. Stereotypes can be easily formed through interpreting advertisements such as these but it is much harder to remove the stereotypes. Another way to avoid the placements of such advertisements is to use advertisements that contain a diverse group of individuals rather than individuals from a single culture. This would ensure diversity and reduce the racist references.
Looking forward to your issue with all your changes.!
Madhu Srinivasan
Dutch Magazine Company,
Netherlands 044-55-2637-28

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