Burger King: The Success And Development Of Burger King

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INTRODUCTION OF BURGER KING Burger king is a fast food chain which was founded in Miami, Florida in 1954, by James McLamore and David Edgerton. Both were experienced in this field before starting the joint venture. Their main goal was to provide their customers with food that was reasonable priced, attractive and in clean surroundings ESTABLISHMENT AND GROWTH Burger King has expanded its operations through franchising. The parent company of Burger King is Burger King Holdings. The title under which it operates In US is Burger King Brand and internationally it is Burger King Corporation banner. The company is publicly traded with investment firms of TPG Capital, L.P, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs with each owning up to 25% of the company.…show more content…
It created a new company called Diago,plc by merging with Guinness. Diageo sold Burger King in December 2002 to an equity sponsor group consisting of Bain Capital, Texas Pacific group and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. This was the first time in 35 years that Burger King Corporation was privately held company. The success and size of BK is due to the way leadership took place in areas such as décor, service, product development, advertising and restaurant operation. Each and every product of the Company provides the quality and convenience that is wanted by today’s customer just like the Original WHOPPER which was an instant hit when it was introduced in 1957. It still is the best known in the world and remains perennial favorite. In April 2002 the company came up with Chicken WHOPPER which was the first extension of WHOPPER. Franchising of restaurants to individuals has helped in the growth and expansion of the company. Burger King was operating in Florida and southeast with over 45 restaurants when McLamore and Edgerton got national franchise rights to the company in 1961. Dining rooms was first introduced by Burger King which gave its customers a chance to eat inside. In 1975 they introduced Drive-thru service which…show more content…
According to an article in New York Times, McDonald’s open about three new branches everyday. The main goal is not to have any person three minutes away from a branch. Just like McDonald’s which gives a lot of importance on its marketing strategy so do other fast food chains. The competitor must be able to keep up with the biggest name in the industry to compete with them. Therefore, just like McDonalds which opens a new branch a competitor also opens one in the same area or vice versa. Burger King is the second largest fast food burger chain and is famous for its ‘Whopper’ product.in 2010 3G Capital bought the company and a series of changes have been implemented. How exactly BK popularity did gained its momentum? Its selling point played an important role in this. A lot of the Fast Food chains sell taste and convinence. The rest lies on marketing strategy which was chosen by BK. It created and Advertising mascot which the company has used in a number of television commercials and advertising programs. Over the company’s history the character has gone through several

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