Burger King And Mcdonald's Marketing Strategy

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Burger King and McDonald are the two most successful fast food chains which are nowadays having hand in hand competition with one another to get ahead from one another in the strategic marketing competition (Bizben, 2015, http://www.bizben.com ). Both of the outlets for fast food have gained huge success in the marketing world yet they have comparison with one another as they are still in the phase of analysing how to get ahead of the other brands. The brands Burger King and McDonald belong from the category of dynamic food chain industry and they both are working with the aim to maximize the level of profit. The fast food retail industry in the United States is considered to be the fastest growing one and it is not that Burger King and McDonald…show more content…
The battle among Burger King and McDonald is regarding the competition to get the advantage which will make them excel in their fields and gain maximum profit and revenue (Basham, 2010. http://www.netadvantage.standardandpoors.com). Porter’s competitive strategies According to (Kossowski 2003) In reference to Porters competitive strategies the competitive scope in the business tells us the necessary grounds which will make the company a success in the business field. The strategies used by both are different in Burger King and McDonald and the variation can be explained by dividing the competitive strategies into two divisions which are lower cost strategy and differentiation strategy. Lower cost…show more content…
Differentiation strategy Burger king has incorporated the strategy of differentiation by offering additional breakfast meal as the increase in the product service which makes it easy for the company to analyse it and also to fill in a coupon where the opinions of the customers are noted down which help it to be more successful in the business sector (Samadi, 2010. http://www.statista.com/statistics). Risks in competitive strategies. The competition in market poses risk factor among the companies which are working on the strategies to achieve those and make their position strong in the market place which will help them to take ahead the business strategy (Valdani and Arbore 2012

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