Burial At Thebes Analysis

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During the play Burial at Thebes, the audience sees the creative effort put forth by the director, specifically when demonstrating the teamwork needed to come from all of the departments that make the production, Burial at Thebes, as well as the play and how it is related to the history about Thebes and Antigone. In Greek culture. To give you a quick summary of The Burial of Thebes, when you walk into the room, you hear lots of gunshots and explosions like you're in a war zone . Then in the beginning of the performance, you see two people dueling for power which ends with gunshots being fired at both people. Throughout most of the performance, Creon believes he holds all of the cards. But later on in the performance, we come to realize that he is the biggest loser. This is seen when Creon loses his whole…show more content…
Creon had to choose whether to follow the rules the land or follow the rules of divinity in this performance (Richard J Franke The power of the humanities…). Creon had decided to follow the rules of the land, the outcomes of following the rules ended with Antigone dying which he sentenced to death, his son died and wife leaving him alone. This is one of the worst types of torture that is imaginable to human beings, because according to the Harlow experiments after the first three months of the experiment, The Monkees that were released ended up starting after 5 days due to it the scientists to believe as being emotional anorexia (Harlow et al. 92). This means that because of such a sudden change in the dynamic of a primate's life they weren't so much shock that they could not even eat the same food that they have been eating and forcibly killing themselves due to distress. This was a fantastic idea by the writer of the script because it falls into the Harlow Studies with monkeys and how torturous being left alone can
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