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Buried Child. Sam Shepard is the author of the play Buried Child. In this play, Shepard gives the audience a closer look inside of a dysfunctional middle American family. Throughout the play, the audience discovers a secret about the family. Each family member is peculiar in their own way and tries to find their identity to cope with the clandestine act. Sam Shepard chose the title Buried Child to depict a catastrophic event that occurred amongst a family. In this play Buried Child, the playwright expressed deeply about the falling out that a family can endure when you do not deal with things, but it is up to individual to be able to admit the truth and move on from it. For example, there are two moments in the play where Shepard…show more content…
Each character played a huge role in fulfilling the plot. It started off with Haile and Dodge setting the scene. Haile tells Dodge that the rain causes his chronic cough. Dodges ignores it and just sips his alcohol. Next, Tilden who walks in with corn from the field behind the house. Tilden was questioned about the corn from the origin from which it came. Upon the completion of that part of the play; Shepard began to shift into the raising action of the play. The raising action of the play takes place in Act II. Shelly and Vince go to visit Dodge and Tilden, but they are unaware of anyone named Vince. Vince tries to get them all to remember him, but he was unsuccessful. However, Dodge talks Vince into leaving the house to buy him some alcohol. At this point in the play, Shepard leads us into the climax of the play. This part takes place in Act II where Tilden tells Shelly about their family’s secret. This is when Halie brings home Father Dewis. Soon after the climax was the falling action. During the falling action, Dodge finally admits to killing the baby and the rain outside stops. Dodge then gives his house to Vince, Tilden brings in the corps, and Haile finally sees the field full of

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