Burkett's Incident Case Study

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Forman admitted to the affair, which occurred sometime between February and April. Forman estimated the affair continued for a few months, began after Burkett was released from FTO (February 2015), but ended prior to Forman being promoted to Lieutenant. Forman described the relationship as sexual only, no emotional attachment, occurring during a time she and Hennon were split. Forman indicated Burkett initiated the affair, but she ended the relationship around the time she was in the lieutenant promotion process, telling Burkett the relationship needed to stop, it was inappropriate, she is of higher rank, and if he ever worked for her…..(she failed to complete this thought).

Burkett came to work for Forman on August 1, 2015. Forman did not believe this was a problem, as she is able to separate business from personal. With the exception of one incident, Forman had no indication the working relationship was troublesome for Burkett. She described the one
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Stickney confronted Burkett about the condoms and after some discussion, elected to look in his computer. She gained permission to use his computer on Saturday morning (Sept 19) and located a file containing many sexually explicit photographs of Forman and Burkett. Stickney confronted Burkett about the photographs via text messages with Burkett was working the KSU football game. Burkett admitted to the affair. Stickney felt humiliated, was extremely angry, and therefore posted one of the topless photographs of Forman on Burkett’s Facebook page, tagging Forman and KSU Police. Stickney apologized for involving KSU in that manner. Stickney turned over a flash drive she owned, which stores the photographs Stickney downloaded from Burkett’s computer. Stickney indicated she brought Burkett’s computer and the sex “toys” Burkett and Forman used, however I declined to take these items from
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