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The Burma Campaign was in South-East Asia in World War II and was fought by the forces of the British Empire and China, with support from the United States, against the Empire of Japan, Thailand, and the Indian National Army. Burma was one of the worst affected areas in World War II. In Burma, the Japanese Army military setbacks which led to them retreating to the east. The Japanese wanted to take over Yangon, the capital and also a popular seaport. This is because it would close the supply line to China and provide more resources to the Japanese. The Japanese Army with Lieutenant General Shōjirō Iida, went into northern Thailand since they had signed a treaty of friendship with Japan, and attacked the southern Burmese province of Tenasserim in January 1942. The Japanese were successful, Yangon could not defend its self. General Archibald Wavell, the commander-in-chief of the American-British-Dutch-Australian…show more content…
Britain could only have three active campaigns and immediate offensives in the Middle East and Far East which was impossible because of lack of resources. The British had to use resources in Eastern India, since there were violent "Quit India" protests in Bengal and Bihar, which needed large amounts of British troops to suppress. The Quit India movement was the people of India trying to overcome British rule during World War 2. There was also a terrible famine in Bengal, which caused 3 million deaths because of starvation, disease and exposure, which worked against the allies. In 1942-1943 the allied group XV Corps, started an operation to get back the Arakan Province since the Akyab Island had an important airfield. In August 1943 the Allies created South East Asia Command or otherwise known as SEAC. It helped them a lot as there was better training equipment and health. The Japanese at the same time created the Burma Area Army run by Lieutenant General Masakazu

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