Burma Shave Compare And Contrast

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From a historical perspective, each was alike in that they were attempting to catch the attention of consumers in a new, unique and unlikely way. One campaign got that attention with humorous and quirky wording on signs that string along the side of some of the most traveled highways in the Country. The other campaign did so with in your face, and borderline offensive humor via viral video. However, both were using the most captivating channels of their time. In my opinion, each tactic worked for each company. But, because of the times the latter had more of an impact, and will probably have a more lasting affect. The biggest difference I noticed between the two companies, is Dollar Shave took a bigger risk with fewer resources than Burma…show more content…
Burma Shave used written words on signs on the highways where it would attract the most attention from the public. Dollar Shave went to where the public was already attracted and used verbal words to draw the audience in. Both were effective because they each had a shock value. No one expected to see signs with poems alongside the highway, and no one expected the “F Bomb” to be dropped while describing…show more content…
The reason is the humor in the campaign and the person they use who is Julia Dryfus. After taking a closer look and going through the two campaigns in this assignment, it is clear that comedic timing and punch lines are an absolute catch for a campaign. I am not always fond of those campaigns that use Hollywood actors and actresses, but in this case that familiar face, and funny approach worked masterfully. The demographics this campaign targets is mostly female, Caucasians, ages 25 – 35. I do not specifically fit their target audience even though I am both female and around that age group. The make of their clothing does compliment the curves of an ethnic female. I think they would be surprised that I am a

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