Burmese Python Changing The Everglades

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How is the presence of Burmese pythons changing the Everglades?

The Burmese python is a beautiful snake that can weigh up to 200 pounds and grow up to the length of 23 feet according to Piven 44. These snakes are native to Southeast Asia and ended up in the Everglades. These snakes mean no harm but due to irresponsible owners these snakes have adopted to the Everglades ecosystem. The Burmese python has caused a decrease in the local animal population. The Burmese python has also caused a change in the little ecosystem the Everglades has. The view of people about the Everglades has also changed. To begin with, the Burmese infestation has caused a decline in the animal population in the Everglades. According to the article, “Florida Python
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