Burmese Pythons In The Everglades

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The Burmese python has become a predatory species in the Florida Everglades. The reason for this problem is the rapid growth rate of the species occurring all over the Everglades. The species have become pets and then thrown in canals. They also escape from zoos and move from other states because of the warm moist weather. The environment is an excellent breeding ground for the ever growing population of Burmese pythons in the Everglades. Mark Sedensky, Time for Kids, notes, “A python can produce anywhere from 10 to 150 eggs per year. Scientists have collected data the capture of 1,935 Burmese pythons in and around the Everglades.” Although it is not clear just how the Burmese pythons have decreased the mammal population a group of…show more content…
David Andrews, Everglades National Park director states, “this program is what has paid for all of the pythons to be removed from the Everglades National Park area. Without the funding, the pythons would continue to over populate and decrease the mammal population even further. It would also allow the pythons to continue preying on the endangered species in the area until they could possibly become extinct.” Scientist are especially worried about the overpopulation of these snakes because of the diminishing population of animals. All of which led to the decrease of native trees, plants and fish-eating birds. It is also feared by local officials that it is only a matter of time before the snakes harm a visitor at the Everglades National Park. David Tuffley, National Resources Management of the Florida Everglades noted, “you can be standing right on top of one of the animals with grass six inches tall and see not see them.” Andrea Sherman, from Scholastic News writes, “ with the overpopulation of pythons this is why there is now a federal ban on the importation of Burmese pythons along with three other snakes and has also became illegal in Florida to have private ownership of Burmese…show more content…
Invasive species are said to be one of the most expensive problems being faced by the government. This is why people want the government to stop spending billions of dollars on this management, when it could go towards making more jobs for citizens. Monica Dawson, author of Pythons: 8 Facts about the Exotic Pet That 's Ruining the Florida Everglades, wrote, “What most people do not know is that these Burmese pythons can still cost the government money even when they are not removed by employees of the invasive species management program.” Faine Greenwood, The Global Post noted, “ that it costs over $93,992 every year for the feeding for one Burmese python and continued efforts to decrease the overpopulation of the species would greatly lower the
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