Burn Out In Corrections

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There are many types of stressor dealing with corrections and policing. Officers of these two jobs can be exposed to a tremendous amount of stress while on and off his or her job. Having job stress is very common in not only corrections and policing, but other jobs as well. Corrections officers and police officers have a wide range of stress that can be considered mild, which means the stressor can be solved or fixed very easily, or severe, which mean the stressor is causing too much stress for the person to handle and needs help to solve or fix the problem. Stress is not something to brush off or to take lightly no matter how mild or severe it is. There are different types and solutions for mild and severe stress. Mild stressors
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Burnout can happen anywhere to anyone. “The authors have estimated, through a systematic review, that burnout stress can affect 19 to 30 percent of employees in the general working population.” (Finney, 2013). Job burnout can be caused by becoming tired of a job or doing the same thing over and over in a job. Correctional officers are at great risk when dealing with burnout because they are always working against the odds of his or her job. Inmates can stress officers to the point where he or she would want to quit. The inmates can have great effect on officers wanting to leave his or job. Not only are the correctional officers outnumbered twenty to one, higher in some prisons and jail, but they have to take care of and maintain peace between the inmates. Correctional officers go through this on a day to day bases and never really changing there schedule. As well as corrections officers, juvenile probation officers suffer the same type of burnout. In the article Job-related burnout among juvenile probation officers: White, Aalsma, Holloway, Adams, and Salyer try to discuss what JPO’s ,juvenile probations officers, go through on a day to day bases. Juvenile probation officers are at great risk of burnout due to dealing with juveniles, parents, foster parents, etc. In the case of juvenile probation officers, stress levels can be the same as corrections officers. JPO’s are called “gate way providers” for the fact that they help juveniles with health care and mental healthcare. The authors of these two articles have discussed the variety of burnout in identical

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