Burning Man Research Paper

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Burning Man is an annual music and art festival that is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The festival has more than 70,000 people in attendance each year and attracts people from all over the world. The festival lasts nine days, with a closing ceremony the last day of the festival. During the closing ceremony, a temple that is in the center of the festival grounds is set on fire, hence the name, “Burning Man”. A man ran into the flames and committed suicide, his motives were unclear seeing as his friends and family thought of him as a happy person. He was able to get past security, and outran them straight into the flames. Although rescuers were quick on scene, rescue was difficult due to the burning structure being unstable. The festival often has major drug use which is speculated to be a possibility as to why he ran into the flames. People have tried to run into the flames before but have been unsuccessful. The event is meant to celebrate art and music but it often attracts heavy drug use which has an impact on the event. Last year, a 41-year-old man ran into the flames of the temple and committed suicide despite security. Fire fighters ran…show more content…
They now must take into consideration that accidents like this can’t happen again if they want the event to keep happening every year. I think that a way they can help mitigate the issue is to have people whose sole purpose is to try and identify potentials who may try and attempt to run into the fire. I think that security will increase at events like this in the future which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it increases safety but bad because it makes people not want to attend because of the extra hassle that they will have to go through just to get into the festival. People also enjoy being able to see the fire, so if there is a barrier between them and the fire, they might not want to go
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