Burning The American Flag Research Paper

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Burning of the American Flag The Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and The Star-Spangled Banner. These are all names of the American flag. A flag unites people into one nationality and one country. Many people have their own opinions, some say that the flag represents freedom while others say that the flag represents their nationalities. Throughout history the controversial topic of whether or not the disrespecting of the flag should be allowed has been discussed. In 1988 the U.S supreme court made a vote deciding that a person has the right to express this agreement by burning the American flag. However even though it was an executive decision it should be eradicated. The burning of the flag disrespects the most loved and important symbol of a nation and its people which is just immoral.…show more content…
Old glory represents our country’s people, culture and values. People all throughout the world should respect the flag of any nation as it symbolizes their freedom and independence. Brave veterans once stood next to our flag in war fighting to protect us and our flag so that it would not be taken from us. While saying the pledge of allegiance one swears to respect and defend the country and everything it stands for. Therefore, when a person decides to burn the flag some consider this as an act of treason. In fact, burning the flag is an example of disorderly conduct. Burning the flag in a public event puts many people at risk of getting hurt. Burning a flag may not only hurt people but, it may also start a fire and ruin buildings. Also, it may be considered as an act of hatred causing people to act violently towards one another. Veterans and other patriots of our country may be strongly offended by this action. Therefore the burning of the flag should be illegal as it can hurt people, offend veterans and other patriots, and be considered as an act of treason or hatred towards the
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