Burnout In The Workplace

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Burnout is one of the factors that may affect employees’ efficiency, a group connections, motivation and general emotional wellbeing of workers in the working environment. The idea of burnout was separately presented by Herbert Freudenberger in 1974 and Christina Maslach in 1976. The term was used to portray the mental condition of health care volunteers who were indicating such side effects as emotional depletion and loss of inspiration (Freudenberger, 1974, 1975; Maslach, 1976). Burnout is characterized as a psychological syndrome of an emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and a decreased level of individual accomplishment (Schaufeli, Maslach, and Marek 1993).
Burnout is a psychological syndrome covering the symptoms of emotional fatigue, cynicism and lack of personal accomplishment. Burden, social support, reward, equality and corresponding values are considered to be primary contributing factors for the process of burnout (Schaufeli, Leiter, Maslach, & Jackson, 1996).
According to Schaufeli and Houkes, work related overload and lack of social support from colleagues and managements associates with burnout. In response to the chronic emotional strain of dealing extensively with other human beings specially when they are facing problems. A type of job stress is considered as burnout. A person overwhelmed by the emotional demands that other people impose upon him and gets overly involved, in that situation the response of that person is thus emotional exhaustion. These

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