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Since 2010, the burqa ban has been a contentious topic. The general argument made by the French population – writers, lawyers, political authorities, citizens- is that the Burqa is a sign of oppression and an affront to secularity. More specifically, the Burqa is considered as a submission which contradicts with freedom principles as it has religious motives and sometimes families force women to wear it. When he was addressing the two national chambers in 2009, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, stated, “the problem of the Burqa is not a religious problem. It is an issue of freedom and dignity of a woman. This is not a religious symbol, it is a sign of subservience, it is a sign of lowering” (Chrisafis, Angelique “Nicolas…show more content…
Indeed, the Burqa is used to promote a religious radicalism within the France. The burqa imprisons women in an Islamic fanaticism which provokes disdain for others. In fact, the Muslim feminist, Fadela Amara mentioned about the burqa ban, “it was necessary to fight the gangrene, the cancer of radical Islam which completely distorts the message of Islam” (“French minister urges Burka ban”, BBC ). Therefore, from her message, the burqa is a tool used to alter Islam and to fight against western principles through hiding behind religion. Hence, women who wear it are indirectly promoting an extremist Islam which leads to an excessive advocacy for a non-authentic and radical Islam. In addition, the burqa endangers women who wear it. More specifically, the New York Times reported that a pregnant French Muslim has been violently attacked by two men due to the her facial veil. Similarly, a retired teacher attacked a women wearing burqa, affirming that “the wearing of the veil is an aggressive act, there is no burka in my country”(Allen, Peter “Burka rage ' teacher faces jail in France after ripping off Muslim woman 's face veil”).These attacks clearly show that women who wear burqa are discriminated and they are unsafe. Likewise, Jacques Myard, member of the Union for a Popular Movement, stated “Women should not have to wear the burqa, which by its very nature excludes them from France’s secular Republic”. Thus, the burqa isolates women from France and exposes them to stigmatization. Although, women might say that their religious freedom is violated, I still maintain that burqa weakens the unity in France as it excludes these women from the French society. In conclusion, I strongly agree that the burqa should be banned as it participates to the spread of religious extremism by altering Islamic principles and as it is also a motive

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