Behaviorist Theory Comparison Essay

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The main aim of this essay is to compare and contrast two of the most enlightening theorists that have added a different perspective to the study of personality in the realm of psychology. The paper aims to expound on the two theories by firstly drawing comparison and then elucidating the disparity between the Behaviorist approach by Burrhup Frederic Skinner and the social learning approach to the study of personality by Albert Bandura. The two theorists at first will be explained separately in order to provide a general understand of the two different approaches . However it is important to first start by defining what is meant by the theories of personality. According to Borere (2006:5) a theory is a modelled reality that assist us to understand, clarify, envisage and control a reality. The two theorists that are used in this essay aim to provide us with different approaches to the study and understanding of personality. When we refer to personality in psychology we refer to things that make a person different, these are things that make person unique and different from others. That is why personality theorist are interested in trying to explain the structure…show more content…
Bandura argues that a personality influences and causes a person to behave in a certain way. However Bandura furthermore went on to realize that not only does the environment cause behavior, but that a behavior can also cause the environment as well. Bandura labeled this concept reciprocal determinism. The Social Learning approach (here and after to be mentioned as SLA) proposes that psychological processes; that is our ability to entertain imagery and the use of language in our minds, plays a vital role in developing our

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