Burt Vonnegut Character Analysis

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“Don’t become a slave to society” – Unknown. Kurt Vonnegut is a well know author of many short stories that uses this topic in many of his stories. Sometimes people wonder how today society is has come to be reality, people also wonder what our society will be like in the future. During the story, 2BRO2B Vonnegut uses internal conflict and characterization to express the theme of trying to make things better might not be beneficial in the end. Characterization is one element that Vonnegut uses to help create the overall theme of his story 2BRO2B. At the beginning of the story, the audience was introduced to the character Edward K. Wehling Jr. One example in the story Vonnegut gives the audience that supports to the given theme is the physical appearance of…show more content…
The story then leads to claim that Edward’s wife was just about to have triplets. Later in the story, the audience acknowledges that in order for a baby to survive after it is born, a person must die to take the place of the baby or the baby must die. Another example of characterization in the story is the character the painter. This character is one of the most important characters in the story 2BRO2B. Vonnegut allows the audience to understand that the society that these humans are living in is supposed to perfect, but is not as flawless as it seems. One supporting quote from the story that supports this claim is when this exert from the story stated, “‘Must be nice to be able to make pictures that look like something,’ said the orderly. The painter’s face curdled with scorn. ‘You think I’m proud of this drab? You think this is my idea of what life really looks like?’” This supports how the world the characters are living is far from paradise when the painter paints the mural of a beautiful garden. Then, the
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