Bus 471 Week 1 Reflection

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This class is unique since it reflects what an actual organization would require one to do. The organizational project class seemed to be overwhelming when one takes the first look at the syllabus; however, since the project is divided into chapters it becomes more manageable for students. Once piece of advice one would give to oncoming students would be not to wait until the last minute to write the entire paper and even as the chapters are due, the author would advise potential students to start early that way you have more time to have peers review it and write a paper that is higher in quality. Chapter one seems to be the easiest since the focus of everything that is taught in the BUS 471 class is utilized in the writing process for chapter one. It was helpful to utilize all the data gathered in the 471 class for chapter one. The class was advised that it would make it more simple if one utilized the same organization to write about for…show more content…
Since the author has been working with the organization and has written the literature review, it was easier to foresee the challenges the organization might encounter, thus making it easier to write about. Another recommendation for future students would be to choose and organization that one is passionate about, or an organization that the individual is knowledgeable about since one is going to be spending a lot of time researching that very organization. With that said, having a mentor within the organization one chooses to write about can be very beneficial. With all of this in mind stay focused and do not give up on your goal even if at times it seems difficult and unachievable. If the class seems too difficult, lean on your cohort mates and your professor for help and advice, you will find out that you are not alone in this
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