Descriptive Essay: Waking Up !

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Waking up, getting dressed and then getting ready for school, Lisa ran downstairs to eat breakfast with her family. Being the third eldest in the family, she has to look after her younger sisters: Amy, Lauren and Dani. Being a pest, Dani was moaning to her sister Lisa, begging her to take some candy from any kind teacher who offered it. “Honk!” “Honk!”, went the bus horn. Taking a few bites of her breakfast, she quickly ran for the bus, unfortunately, her mother stoped her from going any further, “Lisa Michelle Cimorelli, come here now” shrieked her mother. Turning around, Lisa sulked and walked slowly towards her mother. “ Please take care of your sister, remember to show her around the school.” Lisa’s mother reminded her.
“Yes, mom” replies Lisa, in a bored tone, as she held Dani’s hand and lead
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As Josh’s brother Connor was sick, he had been asked to stay at home to care for him whilst they were at work. Josh promised Lisa that he would meet her at their treehouse once his parents arrived home. Alone, Lisa decided to visit the treehouse however before she reached her destination, the heavens opened. The torrential rain was accompanied by the roars of thunder. Lisa began to feel apprehensive and picked up the pace to enable her to reach their hideout more quickly. Her worn purple Converse sneakers slipped on the saturated surface causing Lisa to fall. Lisa clutched her ankle as it hurt like hell. Feeling sorry for herself, Lisa whimpered as she sat on the sodden ground-half from pain and half from fear. Crunch. Crunch. Lisa heard footsteps. She began to wonder why she had stupidly gone into the forest unaccompanied. Never at that moment did she expect to see Josh;what a relief1 “Josh!” “Josh! Help!” yelled Lisa. Suddenly the rain eased off and Lisa felt arms around her stroking her long, waterfall brown mane. Looking up, she saw Josh damp with rain, but mumering only her
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