Busch Gardens Argumentative Essay

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Busch Gardens is a very fun and exciting place to go on vacation. “The Dark Continent/ Busch Gardens, a famous theme park and zoo, and attracts millions of visitors annually ( “Tampa” 23).” Busch Gardens attracts millions of people a year for its intense and African animals. ” Many visitors are amazed by their events and attractions (“Tampa”). “Busch Gardens is a fascinating African zoo and amusement park ( “Tampa” 19).

Busch Gardens may be fun, but there is some craziness behind it. A man injured a flamingo at Busch Gardens and killed another. Lambert says, “An Orlando man accused in the death of a beloved Chilean flamingo at Busch Gardens in Tampa will undergo an evaluation to determine if he is mentally competent to stand trial, according
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At Busch Gardens a rollercoaster quit working while people were on it. “Florida firefighters were called to Busch Gardens to remove 16 passengers stuck on a roller coaster that stopped in the middle of its track, officials said”("Busch Gardens roller coaster stalls mid-ride”). The details continue on with, “The ride operator was unable to coax the cars back to the loading station, so Tampa Fire Rescue was called to the scene” ("Busch Gardens roller coaster stalls mid-ride”). When I went to Busch Gardens I rode the SheiKra five times. I’m glad this didn’t happen to me! “Since the cars were at a 30-degree angle on their sides, the removal of passengers using a bucket truck was a bit tricky, said Tampa Fire Rescue special operations chief Emilio Salabarria”("Busch Gardens roller coaster stalls mid-ride”). A roller coaster started to stall with 16 people on a ride. The firefighters came and got the passenger out with a bucket and harness. Three hours later, everyone was safe ("Busch Gardens roller coaster stalls mid-ride”). “The coaster stopped at one of the turns and 64 people were stranded on the ride facing down” (WFLA). It is very fortunate that no one was

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