Business Analysis: Case Analysis Of The Caribbean Bauxite Company

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Based on my personal opinion, I do believe that Mr. Baker hopes to accomplish the results of his conversation with Rennalls but did he succeed? No. The interview somehow reaches to failure because of few matters that arise along the conversations. Why? I have found few reasons why the interview turn out not successful as Mr. Baker thought it will. Basically this case is about two different individuals in an organization who are clearly from two different cultural backgrounds. John Baker, the chief Engineer of Caribbean Bauxite Company Limited, West Indies is promoted and has to relocate to Canada. Then he has been assigned to interview Matthew Rennalls, the able young Barracanian as his going-to-be successor. The meeting also discussed the positive as well as negative of Mr. Rennalls. But somehow Mr. Baker voice out a statement that hurt Mr. Rennalls who is
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Baker do aware about this. Instead of accepting the chief engineer position, Matt turns in his resignation, insulted by John’s farewell interview and advice.
As it from the chronology depicted above, the first problem here is miscommunication and misinterpretation happened between two individual that comes from different nationalities and culture in an organization. Communication is a very important element that keeps an organization in achieving objectives of the company on track. Communication promotes motivation by informing and elucidative the workers regarding the task to be done, the style they're acting the task, and the way to enhance their performance if it's not up to the mark. This proves that communication is crucial as it suppose motivate someone but somehow there is miscommunication between them when Mr. Baker’s intention is to advice Rennalls as he thinks he has a position in operating during a foreign country as a result of he has expertise in understanding a regional staff’s science and knowing specifically the way to get together with locals. Baker has been operating to

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