Business Analysis: Corporate Communication At IKEA

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Corporate Communication at IKEA In the book Corporate Communication, explains that the identity and image of the company are communicated to the market via a number of tools including, among others, company name, brand, presentations, advertising, and community service initiatives. On basis of the communicated identity and image of the company its reputation is formed in the market (Argenti, 2005, 72). Here, Argenti’s vision of how the company communicate its identity and image to target market through different tools is applied to the case of IKEA Company, exploring the company 's use of branding, advertising, and corporate social responsibility initiatives to communicate a particular identity and image, and hence to build a particular reputation…show more content…
Also, “IKEA Catalog” is considered as the main communication channel adopted by “IKEA” to represent its wide variety of household furniture products to its customers in different local markets, such as USA, UK, and Germany, in addition to its parent country Sweden. The group is employing a number of different channels outside its stores to illustrate its full advertising offers and promotions, which are commonly based on its customers’…show more content…
The organization is funding a number of programs covering the poorness’s issues facing these poor societies, by providing suitable home, quality education, and decent healthy services. “IKEA Foundation” is the biggest cash granter to “UNICEF” to implement a number of social programs, where it’s providing “UNICEF” with over than $180 million in cash and in different types of grants to support these initiatives to save and enhance the live of poor children and families in India, Pakistan, and China. By 2015, it’s expected that IKEA Foundation’s social responsibility initiatives and programs will help more than 100 million children (KIEA Social Initiative) In conclusion, IKEA is one of the leading furniture retailers of the world. As shown in the above analysis, the firm is using its branding, advertising, and community-services initiatives to communicate an image of an affordable goodness for customers: a company that offers convenient, quality products, with high variety, convenient shopping experience and competitive prices; and which is close to people’s needs and wants all the

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