Business Analysis: The Pestel Analysis Of Mercedes Benz

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INTRODUCTION: Mercedes Benz is a globally known brand, originated in Germany. Benz is specialized in automobiles like cars, buses, trucks, etc. EXTERNAL BUSINESS ENVIONMENT: The automobile industry is a multi-billion industry with large brands in market. It’s important to carry out analysis on microenvironment before formulating strategies. To analysis the microenvironment of the business PESTEL framework is used PESTEL FRAMEWORK 1. Political factor Political system related automobile industry is very complicated. The western world is less concern for leading cars because leading car manufactures are from western world. The political issue is more complicated in emerging countries (Bossink and bluaw, 2002).Taxation is also a political factor that affects automobile industries. There are different tax system and import duty in different countries. Export duty charged from 140% to 300% based on car’s engine (royal Malaysian customs and excise department, 2000). 2. Economical factor Economic factor play an important role in automobile industry. During the financial crises economic condition was not good, the sales of vehicles was down. The demand of luxury cars went down. Exchange rate between different countries differs on their economy. 3. Social factors Social factor is related to growth of population. Increase in population growth creates demand in automobile industry and the sale of Mercedes Benz will increase. People with higher income like to buy
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