Business Case Study: Airasia Airlines

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According to the picture above, they have a placed itself as the leading and are the largest LCC (Lowest Cost Carrier) in Asia with the approach of “Now Everyone Can Fly” (Airasia 2009b). Our company always trusts that no additional services, hassle free, low fare business concept and always trust that keeping the low cost requires in every part of business. Airasia also has generated a revolution in air travel with me more and more people around the region choosing Airasia as their favorite airline (Airasia, 2009b). Efficiency we build saving which are the passes onto customers in order to make reasonable air travel a reality. The vertical axis shows the price range whereas the horizontal axis symbolizes the service quality. Even though being…show more content…
Hence, we confidences to maintain its current position as the leading LCC, it also optimisms to moves toward providing an improved services in the upcoming as comprehended in the Airasia Perceptual Map. Airasia also increase subsidiary their revenues and loan factors without increasing the airfares, as a customer’s patronized these airlines at the expenses of full services carries. Airasia have taken over many unprofitable routes vacated by the full –service Airlines and made this route highly profitable. Airasia has a fleet of 72 aircraft , flying to 83 destinations in Malaysia.
Compare & Contrast of Air Asia’s strategies with Malaysia Airlines Strategies
Airasia and Malaysia Airlines are also Malaysia based Airlines. Malaysia Airlines is also the senior and national airline in Malaysia, compare to Airasia Airlines. Besides that, Malaysia Airlines is more successful in market. If compare to their strategies on both Airlines, they have some similarity and dissimilarity of strategies on both Airlines. Our company also doing the low cost strategies while customer purchase our company local
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In the same time, our company is moving towards a performance management system as other organization. Hence, I recommend new strategy that call “new world” strategy. Since our company is doing on low-cost airfare and high quality facilities to make passengers satisfy and also increase the popularization of status. Our company also makes available a service which can provide customer to make privilege card at our company in order to collect privilege points to redeem the flight ticket in the following flight booking. While customer needs to get this free privilege card they need to purchase our company airfare RM300 above. This privilege card is also very limited we just give out 100 pieces of free privilege

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