Business Case Study: Calyx And Corolla

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Name - Mayank Saxena
Case write up: Calyx & Corolla

Executive Summary:
Calyx & Corolla novel approach of selling fresh flowers by mail to consumer has worked wonders not only for them but also for growers and consumers. Ruth Owades provident approach for its business by keeping only three main pillars i.e. growers, Federal Express and Consumers has provided a new vision to the flower industry which benefits everyone and have made Calyx & Corolla one of the most competitive players in the industry. Even after being one of the fastest growing industry with a revenue yielding of more than $10 million in a span of just two years surpassing all the expectations, the concern that surrounded the firm was how to expand their growth, in which
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Retail flower and plant sale were almost a $9 billion business in United States in 1990 growing at a rate of 7.7% since 1985. A market so humongous obviously has very big players which can easily overshadow new companies like Calyx & Corolla, if the new-one’s does not upgrade themselves. Now the primary aim of Calyx & Corolla should be to expand its business and attract more customers, since they are the new players in a well-established industry going head on with big players like FTD would not be a smart move according to me. Calyx & Corolla should take its time and expand slowly and steadily this will keep its current standards and profits in check without risking its…show more content…
They should first and foremost increase their growers network and select them across the country this will widen their network and will reduce their efforts in shipping. Diversifying the network is more important than increasing (i.e. instead of selecting 30 growers in two stated they could have selected 5 growers across 6 major states). Instead of just concentrating on one mode of advertising they should spread the advertising in different and cheaper modes like radio and newspaper as well at first and when it starts bearing fruit they can slowly move to Television. In my vision for a start up to be successful on a lower budget word of mouth is the best form of advertisement thus having a fully satisfied customer may lead to an additional customer, so promotional events such as small scale amusement activity for general public in a big city busy garden can be organised on few selected days of the year and the people participating can be either given some memento mentioning company’s name along with handouts with discount coupons. This type of promotion will reach out to those potential customers who are reluctant to buy flowers through mail. After implementing more such strategy and increasing their customer base they can approach companies for funding for an aggressive marketing to compete with big giants like
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