Marketing Strategy Of Ikea

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IKEA is a worldwide prestigious expansive furniture retail established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. The main business likes stationary of mail order, grocery etc. At last swinging to furniture as its fundamental business. At present, it has 292 extensive scale outlets in 34 countries and locales around the globe. IKEA has been advancing the adage of “better life for everyone” since its initiation. It concentrates on low price, good quality household furniture to do. In this way, IKEA endeavor to make customer and social advantages as the focal point of business.
IKEA’s vision:
To being off, IKEA has a reasonable vision- to give well designed practical home furniture at costs so low that as many people as could will be able to bear
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IKEA is a high volume retailer – it purchases products from more than 1,800 suppliers in 50 nations, and utilizations 42 trading service workplaces around the globe to oversee supplier connections. They arrange costs with suppliers, check the quality of materials, and watch out for social and working condition. Despite the fact that IKEA fosters competition among suppliers to guarantee they accomplish the best prices and materials, it has confidence in signing so as to make long-term business associations with them long-term contracts, along these lines bringing down costs of products…show more content…
This will ideally motivate you to add to your company 's inventory strategies suited for your company 's specific operations.

1. Customer information
2. Affordable and cheap
3. Supply chain integration
4. One stop shop
5. Differentiated products portfolio
1. Products don’t last
2. Decreased quality
3. Negative publicity
1. developing online deals
2. better advertisement
3. further venture into developing economies
1. unorganized sectors like local manufacturers and carpentry stores
2. growth of average consumer income
3. intensifying competition

In short, IKEA plan of action backing the IKEA domain extending development, its worldwide scale impact and esteem idea ceaseless uncover. Although it has towards globalization, yet at the same time did not overlook localization, their strategies in an increasingly uncertain financial environment timely conform. Based on IKEA existing business model, supply chain, innovative product design and renewable raw materials, IKEA will improve in

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