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PANASONIC Panasonic is a company founded by a Japanese named Konosuke Matshushita in the year 1918. It is an organization that deals with electronical products such as Cameras, Headphones, Televisions, Fans and Mobile Devices. The main objective of the founder is to ensure that everyone in the company does well both in health and progress of the business. The idea is to create an improved place for living of the society of the upcoming generation and ensure that it sustains a sense of belonging around the globe. Since 1 August 2002, the Vossloh-Schwabe Group has had a place with the Panasonic Electric Works enterprise. Panasonic utilizes 271,789 individuals from staff with a yearly turnover of 54.6 billion Euros. Panasonic has been behind the scenes of the Winter Games in 1998 and given the Sponsorship it…show more content…
Bargaining power of Suppliers The bargaining power is high in this because there are many other up to date devices available for purchase. The business loses its buyers if it is not able to come up with products which can be more attractive to customers and rare in sight so that business is able to do better in future. 11. Bargaining power of Customers The bargaining power of customers in this case is low simply because there is no reason to purchase a large share of the firm if the business is not doing well in this case. The product may not be as important because it has lost to the competitors around and have already got better substitutes in the other companies 12. Internal (Strength and Weakness) Employees need to have a more training sessions provided by the strategic managers so as to ensure that the lack of experience does not make a huge loss to the company. The need for training arises when the customer wants to purchase a product but is not satisfied with the product quality. This is where the employee makes an ethical approach towards selling the product and making profit from there onwards. 13. Competitive rivalry within an
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