Case Study Of Public Relation Strategy Of Apple

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Most of the time, Public Relation and Publicity is considered the same, but it’s not. Publicity is just a part of public relation.
Publicity is in the interest of a company, organisation or an individual’s presence in the media. There are various forms of publicity, some of them include: - News stories
- Articles
- Event information, etc.
Publicity is all about creating public awareness of the brand (of the company), or the individual, thus promoting the respective client in the market. It is solely used to attract attention. Publicity is the process of getting attention

On the other hand, Public Relation focuses more on maintain the “relationships”. The main aim of Public Relation is to accomplish the organisation’s stated goals by sending
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No brand has been more disciple and focused than Apple in broadcasting a consistent, cool, premium self-image - and that comes from everyday behaviour like rigorously imposing absolute product launches, shredding documents and avoiding the temptation to get involved in distracting media ding-dongs.
The press release isn’t dead
Steve Jobs used to personally approve press releases that went out from Apple. For a start, that tells you that they didn’t put out many and only did when they genuinely had something important to say. But it shows that having an agreed description of the product or announcement is vital for even the biggest of the businesses.
The value of the product reviews cannot be underestimated
The care and attention Apple give to product reviews is incredible. The arts of understanding individual reviews, cultivation fans, and tailoring material to them are the components that make the product launches successful. It might not be the most glamorous PR activity, but it is important.
Culture marketing is becoming more and more important in
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- Educative lectures
- Felicitations.

2. External Public Relation
- Customers
- Financiers
- General public
- Institutions

Basic difference between Public Relation and Marketing.
Focus - PR – Relationships with clients, employees, and other parties. Marketing- Products and services

Function – PR – a staff function, it supports firm’s objectives and goals indirectly. Marketing – a line function, directly contributes to the bottom line of a firm.

Target – PR – range of publics that support firm’s goals. Marketing - customers.

Basic difference between Public Relation and Advertising.
Message control -
PR – less control over the message that is to be communicated.
Advertising – has full control over the content they decide to reveal.

Duration of coverage – PR – has advantage of publishing stories in different ways. Advertising – can run for a long period of time.

Paid / Free – PR – develops strategy to freely publicise the company.
Advertising – paid form of communication only helps by spreading the information.

Basic Difference between Public Relation and

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