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Name: TUYEN NGUYEN ID Troy: 1391723 Email Address: Course Number: BUS-4476 Title Case: MiniCase 6 STARBUCKS: RE-CREATING ITS UNIQUENESS Summary: Howard Schutlz , wanted to introduced a brand new way of Costumers experience, having warm interiors , consumers used free internet while watching the Barista giving full attention to there Latte, was an hallmark of every Starbucks . Starbucks Ambitious grew, with new stores opening on every corner, in order to achieve efficiency the company began to off track from its Ethos, an example would be Baristas would mix new batch’s of cafe every time an order came, but now everything was done pre hand, that no longer gave the aroma or sound that was Starbucks, the Recessions of 2008…show more content…
Starbucks not only provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers but also make them enjoy their coffee as if they are at home. Moreover, consumers can use free wireless so they can surf the internet or even do their works while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee. Additionally, Starbucks has a variety of products which has more than 30 different blends of coffee and especially it is the pioneer coffee shop of beverage “to-go”. For Starbucks, the high quality of beverages and foods as well as affordable cost to help Starbucks which attracts to many loyalty customers. Besides, Starbucks apply VRIO framework to gain a competitive advantage. Finally, the staff is also one of the key factors to make Starbucks so successful because many coffee lovers are attracted by the service in a friendly and welcome environment. Question 2:…show more content…
The baristas do not have the multitask so they can focus on a customer’s specific tastes as well as how they like their coffee made. However, the price for a Starbucks coffee is so high for “to-go” customers and the number of people who want to have a comfortable atmosphere with a quality cup of coffee are in a minority. Hence, Starbucks started to open new format of store-Express to serve another customers. As a result, Starbucks is successful in creating its uniqueness again. Question 3: The best recommendations I can give Howard Schultz are to focus heavy on the customer’s experience, create value every time, so the consumers always comes back. Before 2004 it was because of Starbucks unique style of baristas and consumer relationship that made the company successful, due to its ambitious plans to open rapidly it lost its missions, with the return of Schultz, and his refocus on creating value thought interaction with costumers the company bounces back.

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