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What is Fairtrade?
Fair trade = trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers and they are not exploited. Fair trade is an organization which was created as an alternative method of trade, where the farmers and workers are not exploited in the production of certain raw materials. Fair trade works best in LEDCs because the people get better working conditions and fairer wages. It is implied as a solution to poverty around the world. Fair trade revolves around farmers that farm raw ingredients, such as cocoa and bananas. Those two items are the most well known as fair trade products, although, there are many more as well.

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The creator of Tony’s Chocolonely is called Teun van de Keuken. Initially, in 2003, he investigated the issue of child labor in the chocolate industry; from there he set a mission to prosecute himself as a chocolate consumer who was aware of child slavery used in the production of the chocolates he ate. First, he went all the way to the Ivory Coast to ask some former child slaves to testify against him. From there, in 2005, Teun created a new brand of chocolate that he was determined to have it 100% slave free, which is now known as Tony’s Chocolonely. The first couple of thousand batches of chocolate were Fair Trade milk chocolate. Later on, he kept producing the chocolates that still included his mission of the “road to 100% slave-free chocolate bars”. Few years later, as Tony's Chocolonely progressed, the company organized a project to head to Africa and improve Fair Trade in specific parts in Africa. They visited Ivory Coast and Ghana, places where child slavery occurs and a place that would benefit from Fair Trade, in their favor. They met with a few farmers in the cocoa business and the company bought all of their fair trade cocoa. Providing them with all the standards of Fair Trade. Presently, Tony’s Chocolonely is still producing their chocolates internationally and they are still fighting to achieve their full goal of being a 100% slave free chocolate bar. Tony’s chocolate bars offers consumers chocolate that are made of fair trade ingredients and also produced without child slavery

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