Business Case Study: ZARA

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Under the scenario of ZARA fashion stores, the outcome is the best strategies and techniques of the company which making it unique and best among the competitors therefore company enjoying the best competitive advantageous on its competitors as the innovational strategies and especially the trained employees that are fully responsible to all out puts which are ambling them not to depend on out sourcing’s
Therefore the company is at the top of market and enjoying the best cash flow while supplying the best range of outputs and clothing’s to the end users at the best prices thereof and much faster than other brands also.
Successfully the ZARA manage the key strategy of distributions
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The European fashion is an important aspect of society. Everyone is always dressed fashionably and what they are wearing is important to them. They understand that if they don’t purchase the product when they see it, they may never get the opportunity to again.
As ZARA has unique business model. Innovational models dies creative values and their products are generally cheaper than others like IKEA and all othe brands in the same line of action and are highly successful to innovative other existing models in the market.
The customers of Zara are able to wear the newest fashions as they enter the market. People are always trying to find a way to be the first one representing the newest fashion. With Zara making this possible, they have established a strong customer loyalty to the ones that always want to be the first one wearing a new coat or shirt.
FURTHERMORE : THE way that Zara creates value to its customers is by pricing clothes differently depending on the location. The cost of clothing from Zara is cheaper in Europe and more expensive in Asia and North America because the North American and Asian countries are able to afford the latest clothing designs compared to
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ALSO Over all the main strategy of ZARA as they don’t depend on others but do all expertise by themselves only so they are unique in the science that they are all in all and getting maximum competitive advantages.
Further ZARA’S innovative strategies and in-house competitiveness make it unique while vertical and horizontal integration strategies gives it much successful and enhanced revenues as a

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