Business Communication Analysis: Cross-Culture Communication

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The purpose of this cross-culture communication analysis of the movie Outsourced is to discover communication problems between cultures. This analysis will cover a summary of the movie Outsourced and three miscommunications incident, which are language, individualism vs. collectivism, and eating etiquette in another culture. Then, relate the three incidents to topics discussed in Chapter four of the course text: Business Communication. Todd Anderson, who is a manager of order fulfillment at Western Nobility, has to travel to India because his department has been outsourced. Todd was not happy when his boss Dave told him to travel to India and train Purohit, who is going to take Todd’s job. In order for Todd to return to the USA, he has to get the Minutes-Per-Incident (MPI) under six. So, he gets frustrated when Indian employees do not understand the expectation that American customers have set for call centers. As Todd started to adopt the Indian culture, he notices a leader Asha, who is an employee at the call center, to assist Purohit after Todd leaves. However, by improving the workplace experience and make it more positive, Todd manages to get the MPI to six. One…show more content…
When Todd arrived in Gharapuri, Purohit took him to Aunty Ji, who was hosting Todd. Aunty Ji provided snacks and Todd started to eat with his left hand. Then, he licked his fingers and took the snacks again with his left hand. Aunty Ji and Purohit were surprised with Todd’s act and did not know how to advise him. Eventually, they told him that in India people eat with their right hand because left hand considered dirty as people use it in the restrooms to clean themselves. They also told him not to place his fingers back to take food after licking them. Todd was embarrassed with his unconscious act and tried to fix it immediately by using his right hand to
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