Business Communication Case Study

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1.1.1 Business communication
As early as the 12th century, European academies informed the training in business writing. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, the ethics of business communication deeply depicted on verbal and stylistic ethnicities. In 1863, the land grant colleges based in the United States of America associated through the formatted field of business communication, as these Universities principally focused on the obtainment of a technical and professional management and purpose of a business. Various departments offer short training courses placing focus on the business communication skills such as Duke University, University of California San Diego, University of South Australia, and Unisa. The aim within an organisation focus
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Over time, marketing communication evolved to the advancement of technology which became a high demand, targeting more resourceful and cost effective towards the clients and shareholders, shifting away from traditional methods. The academic field of marketing communication initiated a branch of learning, continuing practice methods that are theoretically driven. Various departments offer courses mirroring the diverse roots of marketing communication in the academic field.
It is possible to find marketing communication in all its forms being taught in departments of journalism, communication or marketing, while individual subjects such as advertising may even be presented by language or art departments. The academic field of marketing communication now typically includes the study of the role of communication in the greater organisation and in marketing, branding and brand development, the communication mix, relationship marketing, and integrated marketing
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Persuasively communicating to the viewers and stakeholders to believe and become part of the organisation’s plan. Now, public relations are persuaded through two-way communication, where the public; stakeholders; investors; and employees are strongly influenced and clearly understand the organisation’s objection. Public relation emphasis both academically and practically in the professional field. Public relation is normally placed in its own division but can be taught in the sub-division of journalism or communication. Through the academic scope, public relations focus through a combination of theoretical practice and professional skills applied. Public relations is taught through a technical approach in the academic field, focusing on practical skills and theoretical study through valuation and growth. Public relation submits their aim through primary and secondary messages. Primary message is used when an organisation only embodies predominant information for beneficial development of the business and for the viewers, stakeholders, investors and employees. Secondary message supports and enhances the primary message by providing more explanatory information of the benefits that may carryover. Public relations are an effective communication that was incorporated in order to create positive interest in an activity or item. Public relations reflect the good side

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